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Bring Back Schoolhouse Rock Before It’s Too Late!

Sure, it's a deeply weird way of knowing things, but honestly, how much worse is it than when George Orwell was made to remember the phrase "A black negress was my aunt: there's her house behind the barn" as a mnemonic device for recalling, in chronological order, the names of all of the battles in the War of the Roses? Read More »

Because everyone knows comics are for kids

An adult gets prosecuted for selling an adult comic to another adult in the adult section of a comic book shop. In AMERICA. Read More »

71.5 Hours to Go

Did I just ask to prevent telemarketers calling my home phone – or was I just tricked into adding my address to the database of the newly created Federal Bureau of Spam? Read More »

Winterkill is Killer!

Winterkill is, quite simply, the novel I have been waiting for Wyoming mystery novelist C.J. Box to write. Read More »

Hunger, Satisfied – The Matrix: Reloaded

This first of two sequels to The Matrix satisfies and makes more hungry at least one Blogcritic. Read More »

Who Killed Julius Caesar?

The moral of the story: Don't get murdered in Rome if you want your killers brought to justice. Ever. Read More »

William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition

Gibson's best novel since Neuromancer, Pattern Recognition is the first of his works to even come close to matching his initial achievement, and may actually exceed it. Read More »

Daniel Junge’s “Chiefs”

Daniel Junge's documentary "Chiefs" shows it like it is for Wyoming Indian High School's basketball players. Read More »

Pretzel Logic

Pretzels for Peace??????????? Now that's just mean. Read More »

What is in a Name?

I hereby declare a totally unofficial but no less necessary open call to all and sundry to come up with a new name for the channel formerly known as SCI FI. Read More »