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Carolyn Goodman Continues Attacks

Carolyn Goodman continues attack campaign against opponent Chris Giunchigliani, but is there legitimacy to the attacks, and are they convincing Las Vegas voters? Read More »

Carolyn Goodman Uses Sharron Angle’s Poller

It appears that Carolyn Goodman's campaign is shopping for results, getting data from several different companies. Integrity called into question. Read More »

Carolyn Goodman Condescends to Black Crowd at NAACP

Woman scorned for questioning Carolyn Goodman about whether wearing African garb might be perceived as pandering. Read More »

Is Obama’s War in Libya Constitutional?

The constitution, the war powers resolution, and executive power in war making examined against President Obama's actions in Libya. Read More »

Nevada Mining Taxes Measured, Found Wanting

AB 428 in the Nevada Assembly might help fill the budget shortfall, but it is facing heavy opposition from lobbyists and Republicans. Read More »