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Lawsuit Seeks $4000 for Fans Who Missed Out On Tote Bags, Angels Respond

Righting illegal discrimination or legal shakedown? Read More »

U.K. Woman Gives Birth at 62 with Help From Controversial Doctor

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Great Expectations Can Lead to Economic Disappointment

$400 in school supplies is not necessary. Read More »

North Korea Gets Provocative

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Will Kobayashi Repeat as Hot Dog Eating Champ? Wanna Bet?

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Hubble to Start Taking Pictures Again

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Royal Caribbean Lawsuits: One Win and One Settled

The end to cases involving Legionnaire's Disease and George Smith. Read More »

No Happy Ending for This Family’s Extreme Makeover Home Edition

The ABC home-building reality TV show builds a home for five orphans who are later evicted by the family who took them in. Read More »

Cadbury Chocolate Recalled in U.K. for Salmonella

Cadbury knew about the contamination since January but did not disclose it until now. Read More »

Hubble Telescope Down, Source of Key Space Data Could Be Lost

Thus far, it remains blind in the dark of space. Read More »