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Movie Review: One Night With The King

The producers of the film are religious Christians, whose hearts are clearly in the right place, but who could have done a little more research... Read More »

Movie Review – United 93

The only thing that worked that day. Read More »

Passover and the Jews

It's the holiday that commemorates when, under the pressure-cooker of a midnight escape, we became a people, a nation. Read More »

Book Review: The Myth of Market Share

Why the customers you can buy aren't worth having. Read More »

Book Review – Animals In Translation by Temple Grandin

Better things for better living - through brain chemistry. Read More »

Book Review: RFID Essentials by Bill Glover and Himanshu Bhatt

A perfectly well-ordered discussion of an RFID system. No doubt those banal servants of evil, the middle-managers, will find it useful. Read More »

Book Review: Baseball Hacks by Joseph Adler

A Stadium of Davids. Read More »

Book Review: An Army of Davids

The great story is the movement of society from decentralized to centralized, and back to decentralized. Read More »

Book Review: Analyzing Business Data With Excel

The book has potential. About twice the exposition and forcing an editor to work through all the examples would make it incredibly useful. Read More »

Book Review: Learning to Read Midrash

Simi Peters approaches the Talmud with true humility. She assumes that not only the rabbis, but also her prior teachers, know something important. Read More »