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Are Banks Utilities?

Is "Capitalism2" - where my bank is as bland as my natural gas provider - our only path after the economic lessons of 2008? Read More »

Greg Maddux Retires As The Greatest Of All Time

No issues. No ego. No suspensions. He didn't miss a start. The guy just showed up and pitched when asked. Read More »

Terrell Owens Is Not Anakin Skywalker

When someone brings shenanigans and lack of respect to the workplace day in and day out, as T.O. does, they get fired - period. Read More »

The Instapundit – Now with attacks from all sides!

Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, lets slip that he has worked with the ACLU. The result? Insta-outrage! Read More »

Cheap Beer: The Scourge of College Life?

A Harvard study says that the price of beer has an adverse affect on binge drinking among college students. But does price really matter? Read More »