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Marx, Media & The Daily Me

A weekend of major issues was upon us: social security’s stimulating squabbles, Greenspan’s giving guidance on growth and Iran’s ignoring irate inspectors. But surely the media will be focused on something far more important: just what will Martha do when she gets out and what will Michael do when he goes in?? As I wrote last September, we gush over ... Read More »

Nano Envy

After three years of panels, meetings, widespread media coverage, visits from Governor Pataki and Senator Clinton, industrial partnerships from IBM, Tokyo Electron, Intel and others and millions in construction and development of a state-of-the-art research facility for students and faculty…a professor professes that he now questions “the development of the School of Nanosciences and Nanoengineering at the university”. The accompanying ... Read More »

Plastic Memory!

Sorry we’ve been away! Some exciting things cooking behind the scenes here, but in the meantime I’m back and will be active again with posts of interest. News broke last night about a memory device from Hewlett-Packard and Princeton University researchers which would be so cheap that you’d use it just to store data, then toss it. HP’s Stan Williams ... Read More »

What I Learned Today: China’s New Great Wall

On occasion, I’ll share an insight I’ve gained from a seemingly disparate field. In the long-run its implications will be evident. While here looking out from the ports of southern France, I’m concurrently reading Non-Zero, a highly recommended book on human history through the lens of game theory by Robert Wright. Wright recounts that an industrial revolution was just as ... Read More »

Na Na Na Nano, Our Portfolio is Better than Yours!

Each month we publish our Forbes/Wolfe Nanotech Report. And on the back page of our monthly report we have a feature called the Nanosphere. It contains those companies engaged in nanotechnology that we believe represent high probability for long-term capital gain. The stocks we have selected for our Nanosphere portfolio since inception of the portfolio–nearly 16 months ago in March ... Read More »

Bright Lights, Big City

I’m back. Thanks to the brilliant and energetic Steve Waite for contributing last week. Read his book. I leave the country for a few days and madness ensues: (I’ll hold off on the blackouts for just a sec) but most interesting was the Oracle of Omaha (Warren Buffet, not Larry Ellison) threw his weight behind Conan the Barbarian as economic ... Read More »

Quiz! Guess who’s coming to TV?!

Clues embedded within: Breaking news here from my blog in the form of a blind item…I mentioned last week that GE and NEC were already running ads on TV and in magazines using nanotechnology as a hook. My insider sources tell me a certain CEO who’s name rhymes with the vehicle of choice for 70s easy riders authorized a TV ... Read More »

Bill Joy’s Joy of Bills

I just got inside word that Sun Microsystem’s Bill Joy, everyone’s favorite prognosticator of peril is going to be publishing a book on the dangers of the future. Discussion of his Wired magazine piece, “Why The Future Doesn’t Need Us” received more words in print later on than the story itself. And now Joy will profit tremendously from this fear-mongering. ... Read More »

Nano’s Pervasive Prefix

This morning’s Reuters story borrows from our May 2002 Forbes/Wolfe Nanotech Report piece (over a year old) that was the first to break this story: Read the full original story here. We received our first hate mail/death threat after writing this controversial piece. Apparently some overzealous shareholders of these stocks were not pleased with our take. Be sure to see ... Read More »

The Madness of (Nano) Crowds

In my last post, I referenced venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins’ general partner Vinod Khosla being concerned about a bubble ever forming in nanotechnology. In our monthly Forbes/Wolfe Nanotech Report we’ve written several articles–last year, “Beware of Nano-Pretenders“–and most recently “Beware the Nanobubble“. In both we call out the public companies that may be directly taking advantage of, or indirectly ... Read More »