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Here’s to 25 Years of Zelda Magic – Part 3

In the final chapter of this three-part series we outline the impact of Zelda and look toward its future. Read More »

Here’s to 25 Years of Zelda Magic – Part 2

In the second part of this three-part series, we take a look at some of Zelda's achievements and less notable titles. Read More »

Here’s to 25 Years of Zelda Magic – Part 1

In this three-part series we will look back at the 25 year history of Zelda and look forward to its future. Read More »

Blizzard Teasing New Starcraft II Units via Facebook

Just before Blizzcon is set to take place, Blizzard are utilizing Facebook to tease new Starcraft units. Read More »

GameCity6 Takes Over Nottingham City Centre For One Day Zelda Celebration

Nintendo and GameCity team up to bring a day of Zelda inspired celebrations to the final day of GameCity6. Read More »

Peer Review Testing Pack Hits Portal 2 Wednesday

The story of GlasDOS' testing robots, P-Body and Atlas, will continue. Read More »

Ni No Kuni Will be Seen Outside of Japan, Gets a New Subtitle

Level 5 and Studio Ghibli's beautiful collaboration game, Ni No Kuni looks set for its American PS3 release. Read More »

Skyward Sword is Nintendo’s Biggest Game to Date

Nintendo have begun to release a slew of new information and media of Skyward Sword, the new Zelda entry. Read More »

Nintendo’s Pre-TGS Conference Confirms Slide-Pad Peripheral, New Games and 3D Video Recording

The annual Tokyo Game Show kicks off this week but Nintendo have already revealed some interesting news. Read More »

Nintendo’s 3D Dream: The Story so Far

The Nintendo 3DS blew us away with its '3D without glasses' but were those good first impressions enough? Read More »