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DVD Review: The Odd Couple

Forty-two years later, The Odd Couple still makes us laugh, thanks largely to the sorely missed talents of Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. Read More »

Actor, Writer, Producer Jeff Moffitt on The Watchers

Actor, writer, and producer Jeff Moffitt discusses his soon to be released thriller The Watchers for Two Man Crew Productions and Hocus Pocus Features. Read More »

DVD Review: First Monday In October

Walter Matthau and Jill Clayburgh try to bring life to the film version of the stage play First Monday in October. Read More »

DVD Review: Bad Day At Black Rock

Fans of the great Spencer Tracy have to check out the 1955 classic Bad Day At Black Rock. Read More »

DVD Review: Starting Over

Burt Reynolds gives his finest screen performance in the comedy gem Starting Over from James L. Brooks and Alan J. Pakula. Read More »

Movie Review: Marty and Doug’s New Religion

Phalanx Film Entertainment and All Things Random Productions' Marty and Doug's New Religion is a silly romp from start to finish. Read More »

Theater Review (Queens, NY): Queens Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice

There's not much to recommend in Queens Shakespeare's latest revival of The Merchant of Venice. Read More »

Movie Review: Over Coffee

Love is in the office in Sean Meehan's enjoyable comedy Over Coffee. Read More »

Movie Review: Socks and Cakes

Friendships and marriages are tested in Kimistra's Films' somber ensemble drama Socks and Cakes. Read More »

Actor Timothy J. Cox on Jack Jimminy: The Story Of A Pornstar Extra

Character actor Timothy J. Cox discusses his background and his latest film project. Read More »