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Exchange-traded Funds, or ETFs, are bundles of securities (like stocks or bonds, for instance) that are traded like stocks on exchanges like the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). The first ETF were Index Participation Shares that were introduced in 1989. Since then ETFs have exploded in popularity because of their accessibility, instant diversification, and tax advantages. In 2009 there are ... Read More »


Stocks are investments that represent a share of ownership in a publicly traded company. Investors purchase stocks in hopes that they’ll appreciate in value and/or pay dividends. In January 2009, there were almost 10,000 publicly traded companies whose shares traded on stock exchanges or over the counter. The introduction of discount online brokers has opened up stock investing to a ... Read More »


Investors are people who put money at risk with the hope of some sort of eventual gain. While the word “investor” conjures up thoughts of the stock market, the truth is that there are countless other types of investments out there – like money market accounts and bonds, for instance. The success of an investor depends largely on his or ... Read More »


Investing is the practice of putting money at risk with the hope of some sort of eventual gain. We invest to build a nest egg for retirement, to grow our savings, and, for some, even to earn an income. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and a plethora of other investments out there make for a pretty varied menu of investment ... Read More »

bernard madoff

Bernard Madoff, born in 1938, is an American financier and former NASDAQ chairman who was indicted in 2008 for defrauding investors of a reported $50 billion. Madoff, whose investment firm was patronized by the ultra-rich, was allegedly the mastermind behind an elaborate Ponzi scheme that had been going on for over a decade. Madoff’s clients included business people, celebrities, corporations, ... Read More »