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Movie Review: Capote

In a chilling moment between Capote and Lee, he reveals his belief that he and Perry are of the same stock Read More »

The Original Unnecessary War

The cult of the individual and the failure of culture leave humanity ungrounded, self seeking, without concern for future generations. Read More »

The Long Dark Tunnel

We've been in the tunnel long enough that the light from the entrance has been reduced to a small speck. Read More »

Alone and Thinking

I was alone this weekend. Doesn't happen much and I like it less than I once did. Periodic isolation is, I think, a requirement for me as it allows me to re-center. The problem, of course, is as long as I'm strictly in my head without the balance of another soul, I could just as easily be off-center. Read More »

Movie Review: A History of Violence

In Los Angeles as a rebellious teenager I switched back and forth between the moon landing and Roller Derby. Read More »

Polanski’s Oliver Twist: Review

The stark and desperate beauty of nineteenth-century London is as much a character as Fagin. Read More »

Movie Review: Proof

Brilliant acting in even brighter script about the dark and cowering terror that seems to haunt the math genius gene. Read More »

Rita, Fear, and Me

Here's what I'm putting off I guess. I'm scared. ...Updates... Read More »

Two Blondes

He gave me a look I'm sure he reserved for street people asking for change. Read More »

Thoughts on Religion

The Dali Lama gets it; does anyone else? Read More »