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Jenny Bruce — Soul On Fire

I've got a big fat crush on Jenny Bruce, and it's not just because she's posing on the Soul on Fire album cover in nothing but Christmas lights (although, to be fair, that doesn't hurt). Read More »


Gramophone is the band you want to have playing the very first time you have sex with the person who you already know is going to break your heart. Read More »

IndieMix — An Indie Music Program

Want to hear good independent music but don't know where to start? Start here -- a short but excellent streaming audio program of some of the best indie music and musicians. All you need to enjoy this is a RealAudio Player and a set of speakers. Read More »

Dorman: When I Come to You

Here’s the way I think it works most of the time. One day, you figure out what it is that you really want to do, whether it’s woodworking, funneling ill-gotten gains into offshore accounts, or making music. And that night, while you sleep, God comes down, sits on your head and talks to you in a dream you’re not going ... Read More »