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Top Ten Ways to Improve King Kong

[In reverse Order] Have Jack Black teach him how to play guitar at the school of rock. Have Kong beat Donald Trump senseless for telling him “Your Fired”. Have Kong beat Peter Jackson for telling him he can’t be a hobbit. Have Tom Cruise try to convert Kong into a Scientologist. Make the Tyrannosaurus Rex a Muslim terrorist with WMD’s. ... Read More »

Santa Claus to Lay Off Elves in Favor of Misfits!

North Pole: Santa Claus warned the children of the world today that Christmas may have to be cancelled due to economic hardship. “Christmas spirit sales are way down this year,” warned the jolly old soul. Santa said he can’t compete against new holidays like the Chinese New Year and still give the elves so many golden Christmas tree ornaments. As ... Read More »

Barbara Walters Is a Big Fat Idiot

Barbara Walters just released her idea of the 10 most fascinating people of 2005. Her list is more fascinating for whom it doesn’t include. Nine of Walters’ picks are celebrities and the tenth is Condi Rice, who is good friends with Oprah Winfrey. Here is her pathetic list: 1. Kanye West – A racist rapper whom Walters completely let slide ... Read More »

Bill Bennett: Exterminate Blacks!

Bill Bennett said like a Dalek from Doctor Who: I do know that it’s true that if you wanted to reduce crime, you could&#8212if that were your sole purpose&#8212you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down. AH HA! Got you! I have said for years that the real reason behind these abortion ... Read More »

House Republicans Address Energy Issue

The House Republicans are beginning to see sense on Energy issues for America. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have been a vital wake up call for most Americans used to cheap gas. When Hurricane Katrina first hit, gas prices soared to well over $3.35/gallon nationwide. This is more than double the price a few years ago. Republicans seek to remove many ... Read More »

Will Rising Sea Levels Cause More Deadly Hurricanes?

According to researchers at NOAA, the mean sea level trend in New Orleans is 9.85 millimeters/year (3.23 feet/century) with a standard error of 0.35 mm/yr based on monthly mean sea level data from 1947 to 1999. There is growing concern that if these drastic increases continue it will mean disaster for cities like New Orleans. Rising sea levels are a ... Read More »

Ocean of Opportunity

Scotland is planning on obtaining 10% of their energy from Tidal Power by 2010. They expect to generate thousands of jobs in the process. Once built, these tidal power plants will produce electricity pollution free for decades to come. New Orleans and the USA are faced with some tough choices in the coming years. We must decide whether to rebuild ... Read More »

9/11 Families got Millions, Katrina Families get $2,000

9/11 was a very traumatic event for Americans. Not since Pearl Harbor has American territory been attacked. Even the Pearl Harbor sneak attack didn’t strike at the very heart of our modern society; just a far-away island that most Americans knew little about. That 9/11 has changed the political landscape of our country for the better or worse is an ... Read More »

Why I Regret Writing “Kanye West’s Racism”

When I wrote the post “Kanye West’s racism”, my intention was to point out that malicious race baiting and name calling by some is counter productive. I am not excusing Kayne West or other race baiters like him; may they be Black, White, or Latino. My goal was to make the point that doing so is counter productive, and that ... Read More »

Bush Appoints new FEMA director?

Friday morning, September 7, a leak from the Whitehouse was reportedly quoted as saying that “President Bush is quietly looking for a replacement” for disgraced FEMA director Michael Brown. Brown was exposed by CNN’s Jack Cafferty, as falsifying his resume. On it, among things Brown claimed: A PhD from Christian University in Arkansas, when he was actually an assistant janitor. ... Read More »