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Interview with Always Sunday

Always Sunday is a great new indie band from Mississippi, of all places. I’ve heard three tracks so far off their debut album, Beautiful Disgrace, (follow link to download MP3’s) and I’m impressed so far with what I’ve heard. What follows is a conversation I had with singer Trent Dabbs via e-mail. How did you get your name? This will ... Read More »

Written in Blood

This book is not for the faint of heart or mind. Challenging, graphic, and unyielding, it is a great insight into the enigma wrapped within a mystery that is Haiti. Read More »

Where Shall You Take Me?

A yellowed, time-weathered photograph of a rural house serves as cover art for Damien Jurado’s latest album, Where Shall You Take Me?, and a smalltown atmosphere permeates the 10 songs on this short recording, the blanks filled in by with stories of tragedy, lost love, misplaced hopes, and simple pleasures. Wherever Jurado is being taken, he is feeling the weight ... Read More »

Can’t Hardly Wait

While not essential, this film returns us to a time just a few years ago, before orange alerts and anthrax, when coming of age still seemed important. Read More »

Walking the Interminable Flats

Graham Greene was a master novelist. He created characters that were amazingly true-to-life, sketched from deep reservoirs of life experience. He assigned them bland, nondescriptive names, and stuck them in impossible situations and exotic locales. The Comedians finds Mr. Brown the protagonist – if he can be called that – aboard a ship bound for Haiti. We never learn his ... Read More »