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Hold On Tight Heston, Here They Come

Oh how the chickens come home to roost. If you live in a swing State like I do, you are familiar with the National Rifle Association (NRA) propaganda in both print and television in election years, saying that Democrats want to take away your guns, Democrats want to destroy the second amendment, etc… Well your guns are now being taking ... Read More »

Time To Go Back In Hiding, Tom

It is becoming apparent that when House Majority Leader Tom DeLay faces any bad press on ethic allegations, his defense is to say the most ignorant and insensitive he can think of. On Thursday, a Texas grand jury handed down five felony indictments against a PAC that was formed by DeLay and a Texas business group with campaign contributions in ... Read More »

U.S. State Department: Iraq Rebuilding – Out Of Money

The news for the Bush administration just got better and even better for the U.S. taxpayer. At a hearing of the House Appropriations Foreign Operations Subcommittee, James Jeffrey, a senior adviser on Iraq for the State Department, said of the Iraq rebuilding, “We have scaled back our projects in many areas…We do not have the money.” But don’t worry, these ... Read More »

A Few Issues You May Not See In The Paper

A newspaper only has so space they have to report each day, national news broadcasts only have a 1/2 hour and local news is, well “news” is a loose term for a lot of them. But lucky for us the internet has unlimited space and so all the stuff you can’t get from other sources, you can find with a ... Read More »

How Are Adam and Eve Different From Adam and Steve?

I have never really gotten the argument against gay marriage. A lot of what I hear is that it somehow invalidates marriage between a man and a woman. When I ask why, I never get a logical rebuttal based on law and the U.S. Constitution. If your marriage, (talking to straight people here) even for a second, depends on the ... Read More »

‘Ma Barker’ Bush; Let Them Eat Cake

When your approval ratings are making record lows, and entertainers are going on nation television saying you hate black people, who do you call? Your dear old mother, of course. The mother of the Bush crime family, Barbara Bush, paid a visit to the Houston Astrodome on Monday and showed just how much they really do care about black people. ... Read More »

Definition Of Madness

I was thinking about my post today when I came across a story in Reuters. As some of you have been following, the United Nations have been in “crisis talks” to save the upcoming UN summit in New York from 9/14-9/16. I wrote an article about this on 8/26 and what the major issues are. Anyways, I was reading through ... Read More »

Chavez: Bush, King of Vacations, No Plan

What goes around, comes around. You really don’t think the world is laughing at us? Bin Laden makes jokes about Bush reading My Pet Goat during 9/11, (how is that “Dead or Alive” thing going anyways?) The French come up with jokes about us everyday, (i.e. How many gears does a G.W. Bush tank have? 5, four in forward and ... Read More »

Have You No Sense Of Decency Mr. Bush?

The news for New Orleans citizens dying just got better. The AP is reporting that all buses transporting people out of New Orleans have been halted. Reason? Nobody is quite sure. But people have been told that buses may not be rolling again until Sunday. With 2,000 people left at the Superdome and still 30,000 at the convention center, what ... Read More »