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Blogging Basic Training

A couple days ago I launched a new blog for my friend Jeremy. I’ve known Jeremy for around 6 years and he’s always been interested in computing and technology and was about to set up a blog of his own before he left for Army Basic training on the 20th. We both decided it would be a cool idea to ... Read More »

Little Brother

The ’90s saw the supposed death of thoughtful hip hop and the rise of a more masochistic, violent, hard hitting sound. But never fear! The underground of hip hop has been quietly mounting one of the most relevant comebacks in any genre. Artists like Common, The Roots, Soul Junk, Mos Def, and other have been turning the tide from “getting ... Read More »

Stone Cold Al Franken

On the eve of the New Hampshire primaries wiseass and recent bane of the Fox News Network, Al Franken has thrust himself into the spotlight yet again. Errr make that body slammed his way into the spotlight. The New York Post is reporting that Franken responded to a rowdy anti-Dean protest with a full on charge and takedown right out ... Read More »

Where Have You Been?

The travel site World66 offer a neat tool to visually represent the countries you have visited. Simply check the appropriate countries and it builds you a map! I’m at 8 countries (which by their calculations is 3% of the world). Pretty interesting because depending on whom you trust for information the number of countries varies by 2-3. The US State ... Read More »