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CD Review: Bluegrass Hits – Twenty Timeless Favorites from Yesterday and Today

What constitutes a bluegrass “hit” anyway? This 20-track compilation’s liner notes give a pretty good explanation. Bluegrass Hits is made up of songs that made Bluegrass Unlimited magazine’s National Bluegrass Survey, which is a nationwide poll that pulls from radio stations that include bluegrass records as part of their regular rotation and various regional and local bluegrass radio programs. The ... Read More »

DVD Review: America’s Funniest Home Videos—Best of Kids and Animals

Take the most consistently funny show on television, gather a bunch of clips from two of the most popular subjects from that show (kids and animals) and you have America’s Funniest Home Videos—Best of Kids and Animals. I’m an animal clip man myself. I think dogs chasing laser pointers and cats getting sprayed with a water hose are funny. Good ... Read More »