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Author Archives: Joanne Huspek

I write. I read. I garden. I cook. I eat. And I love to talk about all of the above.

In Praise of the Not-So-Cool Mom

Cut your Uncool Mom some slack. She loves you. Read More »

Note to Current Crop of Politicians: Beware the SAHM Faction?

Stay at home moms. The current flap in politics? Read More »

Book Review: Dancing on Broken Glass by Ka Hancock

Dancing on Broken Glass: A definite tear-jerker. An enthusiastic thumbs up. Read More »

Detroit, the New Urban Prairie: Forty (Plus) Square Miles of Nothing

Detroit: The new urban prairie. Read More »

Indie: Publishing Rides the Waves

Even seasoned agents and traditional publishers are riding the indie publishing wave. Read More »

Sliding Into Old Age, Thanks to Pullover Stretch Fabric

Loving stretch pants means you have become your own grandma. Read More »

Book Review: Leftovers: A Novel by Arthur Wooten

Tupperware saves the day, in this mid-1950s romp. Read More »

Book Review: A Patchwork of Me by Gregory G. Allen

Sara Butler navigates her traumatic past in order to find a way to her future. Read More »

An Internet Dummy Finds Her Internet Troll

When an Internet dummy like me can find your physical location, it's time to give up your hobby of harassment. Read More »

Ho Ho Humbug and the Demise of the Christmas Card

Basically, it's only the old and people with money to burn who send out Christmas cards these days. Read More »