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Unkle: Never, never, Land – CD Review

When one of my former student housemates handed me a copy of UNKLE’s 1998 debut album Psyence Fiction a few years ago I knew it was going to be special. Not only did I have a lot of faith in this particular friend’s recommendations, but the album featured some great cover art by the unmistakable Futura 2000, and the promotional ... Read More »

Music Review: Fathless – No Roots

From the official website: “genre busting music aimed at the head, heart and feet” Faithless, led by Rollo Armstrong (brother of songbird of the moment, Dido), has always been an outfit which stood apart from other more generic musical offerings from the mid-to-late 90’s. Like Massive Attack, Underworld, Orbital and Prodigy, Faithless have never considered themselves overly commercial and don’t ... Read More »

Pattern Recognition by William Gibson

Sprawling dystopian cities, strange interstitial havens, nebulous virtual worlds, a seemingly effortless mix of bleeding-edge technology and ancient mysticism, ‘cyberpunk’ … these are the some of the things we have come to expect from the novels of William Gibson. Even if you’ve only read his first book, Neuromancer (the inspiration for the original Matrix movie), you’ll know exactly what I ... Read More »