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Indie Music Review: Anya Marina – Exercises in Racketeering

ANYA MARINA: “Exercises in Racketeering” EP Buy CD: AnyaMarina.com Like any great art, Exercises in Racketeering is deliciously hydra-headed. Each track on this singer-songwriter’s release is grand coffee-joint fare: angelic overtones, jangly guitars, well-crafted lyrics of love, loss and love-again… And luscious harmonies! Still, dripping from the candy-covered underbelly of the songs, Marina’s lyrics raise eyebrows. Make the cocktail glasses ... Read More »

“TRIGGER” HAPPY: Mike Bertino’s Antiheroes Rule

TRIGGER comic zine (issue one) by Mike Bertino Mr. Fox (if that IS his real name!) is in a bad way–and it seems no one can help him. He’s forced to save his manical, paranoid, yet intriguingly creative self between the scant pages of his self-penned (literally / figuratively) tome. True, TRIGGER may not be autobiographical, yet San Diego indie ... Read More »

Dance Performance Review: Eveoke’s “Funkalosophy”

HIP HOP CONSCIOUSNESS: EVEOKE’S FUNKALOSOPHY OF LIFE. Review, Eveoke Dance Theater’s Funkalosophy Hip Hop Show – Funkalosophy runs from July 9-31, 2003 San Diego has gone conscious. Without giving much-too-much of Funkalosophy away, y’all, San Diego, it’s gone conscious! Well, it’s always been there, what with Mother Earth Ocean up in the mix and the idyllic weather, Bedroom DJs and ... Read More »

CD Reviews: Basque

Artist: Basque CDs: “Basque” “Radiate” “Falling Forward” (Lacqua Records) review by Jianda Johnson Basque is your lunar spaceship of sound, taking off and landing in sonic swirls and afterthoughts, waves upon waves, notes upon notes. They’re kind of like Enigma without so much percussion, loops or heavy production. Elegant and stately, Maryasque (songstress) and Brandt (bass alchemist) create music that ... Read More »

Making Plans for Nigel: Nigel, In Europe, Admired.

Making Plans for Nigel: Nigel, In Europe, Admired. – interviewer: Jianda Johnson With bold courage, Nigel and a few mates decided to make their way around Europe, selling their art along the way, and documenting the process, letting the folks at home (Southern California) know how it was going, all the while. Nigel’s friends needed to attend to other responsibilities, ... Read More »

SXSW: 3.13.03 – Soul Mining With Daniel Lanois

3.13.03 – SXSW: Soul Mining With Daniel Lanois by Jianda Johnson Daniel Lanois, Keynote Speaker @ SXSW When Keynote Speaker Daniel Lanois (www.daniellanois.com) hit the stage, all ears were on him. He wouldn’t have it any other way. Folks did their best to steer him toward “music biz Q&A” cookie cutter answers, but this renowned producer/musician/songwriter, having collaborated with everyone ... Read More »

SXSW: 3/12/03: I FLY SXSW

SXSW REPORT 2003 Music + Media Conference March 12-16 – Austin, Texas B-SIDE 3/12/03 : I FLY SXSW Hope springs eternal on this rainy Austin, TX afternoon. Already, we’ve met several indie artists and we haven’t even hit tonight’s showcases, yet. Culture springs eternal here, too, and we’re glad of it. SXSW is just ramping up, as far as music ... Read More »


SXSW REPORT 2003 Music + Media Conference March 12-16 Austin, Texas by Jianda Johnson 3/11/03 IN AUSTIN, EVERYONE CAN HEAR YOU STREAM…. “South by SouthWho?” is something we’ve been hearing, surprisingly, since we have been gearing up to be here. “Well, I’m not going, buuuut, you might wanna check out this band, or another…” Now, from vets who’ve been to ... Read More »


MAKING A “POISEFUL NOISE:” ILYA INTERIVEW – interview by Jianda Johnson Slowly, steadily, and sweetly in their own atypical way, the (he)art-rock project ILYA bestowed me with enough trust to interview with me not once, but twice. You see, they’re gentle in revealing their underbellies to folks. But when it comes to musical integrity and direction? ILYA is BRUTAL. Brutally-honest, ... Read More »

SheCourage: “That Takes Ovaries'” – Rivka Solomon, Profiled

” SheCourage: That Takes Ovaries’ – Rivka Solomon, Profiled – interview by Jianda Johnson Bravery. Courage. Chutzpah! and… Femininity? Womanhood? Girls? More often than not, that last little bit doesn’t get thrown in with lion-like qualities. Though the “mother lifting car by power of love and adrenaline” scenario does come to mind when prodded, it’s certainly not the first image ... Read More »