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DVD Review: Punishment Park

Both wonderfully of its time and relevance to today, Peter Watkins' vision of an American police state is hauntingly real. Read More »

DVD Review: Werner Herzog Shorts

A fascinating look at the short documentary films of acclaimed director Werner Herzog. Read More »

DVD Review: Ran (Criterion)

Finally a great DVD presentation of Kurosawa's last masterwork. Read More »

Film Review: A History of Violence

Best film so far this year (some spoilers). Read More »

Film Review: Corpse Bride

For no apparent reason, I really like Tim Burton. While he’ll probably never hit the highs of Edward Scissorhands or Ed Wood again, I still look forward to each of his films with anticipation. And, yes, I did suffer through Planet of the Apes. I thought that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory had no real point to exist, but it ... Read More »

Film Review: Horse Feathers

They make me laugh... Read More »

This Week in Criterion: September 7th

News from the Criterion Collection... Read More »

Film Review: What Price, Hollywood?

They don't make 'em like they used to... Read More »

Review: Gone With The Wind

The most disturbing film screening I have ever attended... Read More »