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E! Proposes Re-enactment of Dimebag Darrell’s Murder for “Entertainment” Purposes

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George Bush Is Not A Good Public Speaker

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Slayer “Fans” Vandalize New York Seminary

Metal fans are upset that this incident could damage the already tarnished view of metal-heads. Read More »

Metallica Debut New Song In Germany

Metallica are back with a brand new song. There is a God. Read More »

Movie Review – The Omen (2006)

A way too cute Anti-Christ, with big blue eyes and freckled button nose and that iconic bowl cut? Sounds like a bad Omen. Read More »

Halloween To Be Resurrected By Rob Zombie

Zombie says no to Halloween 9, yes to Halloween. Read More »

CD Review: Ministry – Rio Grande Blood

This album will make you go deaf... but in a good way. Read More »

Red Hot Chili Peppers Accused Of Plagiarism

"Dani California" sounds like "Mary Jane's Last Dance," and RHCP fans are going mad. Read More »

Ministry Waves Goodbye After Next Album

Uncle Al and George Bush will ride off into the sunset, hand-in-hand. Read More »

CD Review: Rob Zombie – Educated Horses

Rob Zombie appeals to new fans with this album, starting with your mother. Read More »