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The Bone Weaver

Zackheim writes - very well, I might addd - in a way about grief that reflects it directly, being a confused and unfocused, unforgiving state of mind. Read More »


The new documentary Outfoxed, directed by Robert Greenwald was shown in many (perhaps 20-30,000 screening parties across the US today. Read More »

Moore’s Hot Topic

The crowds for the film were remarkable -it was sold out (this on a Saturday afternoon, for a movie with no orcs, light-sabers, or even Jesus). Read More »

Six Feet Under the Weather?

There is so much talent in Miss Ambrose that it truly saddens me that the storyline that back her is so out of touch with reality, when the Claire’s acute awareness is the core of her character. Read More »

Most Appalling in 2003

Most Appalling of 2003 After getting an idea from Eric Olsen, I was thinking… There are many choices for most appalling person, place or event of 2003. Coming in at the wire, there?s the warning from FBI to beware of people bearing almanacs. This has to be one of the most pointless warnings in the history of warnings. Next they’ll ... Read More »

Naked in Baghdad

Anne Garrels account of her stint reporting for NPR during the buildup to the to 2003 Iraq War puts you right in the hotels filled with spies and paranoia. As a westerner in this land, she was dependent on her minders not being slavish devotees of Saddam Hussein. One minder actually had two heroes – Saddam and Slobodan Milosevic. However ... Read More »

ER the helicopter has fallen

Helicopters and trips to the Dark Continent will not save you, ER... Read More »