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Jerome writes TV reviews for and, as well as fiction. He is a frequent guest on two podcasts, Let's Talk TV with Barbara Barnett and The Good, the Bad, & the Geeky. All of his work can be found on his website,

TV Review: Medium Ends Series Strangely

Medium ended with a strange twist on the love story of Allison and Joe. Read More »

TV Preview: An Idiot Abroad: Karl Pilkington and The All Right Wall of China

Karl Pilkington reluctantly visits the Seven Wonders, starting with The All Right Wall of China. Read More »

TV Review: Parks and Recreation Went Big!

Parks and Recreation, one of TV's foremost ensemble comedies, returned stronger than ever for a third season. Read More »

TV Review: Perfect Couples – “Pilot”

Perfect Couples has a few things to work out, but it might succeed. Read More »

TV Review: Retire Retired at 35

Retired at 35 is mediocre, made a huge mistake in the pilot, and doesn't have Betty White to save them. Read More »

TV Review: Hot in Cleveland Season 2 Premiere Sizzles

Hot in Cleveland came back with tighter and sexier humor, plus Wayne Knight and Mary Tyler Moore! Read More »

TV Review: American Idol Returns, Unfortunately

Idol Premiere: American Idol's new judging panel was terrible, let everyone through, and no contestant stood out yet. Read More »

TV Review: Life Unexpected Ended Unexpectedly

Life Unexpected ended with mostly happy endings, but I disagree strongly with one choice. Read More »

TV Review: Skins (US)

Skins, unlike other recent British remakes, has almost no redeeming value. Read More »

TV Review: Harry’s Law Doesn’t Do Hugs

Harry's Law is another brilliant triumph by David E. Kelley, mixing The Practice's drama with Boston Legal's humor. Read More »