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Mia Zapata: may she finally rest in peace

Mia Zapata was the neo punk diva of her time. Her band The Gits shared the bill with Ween, 7 Year Bitch, Poison Idea, Tad, and Nirvana. The band was in its prime with Zapata as their lead singer. A tragically small number of people ever heard her sing because she died in the chrysalis of her life; raped and ... Read More »

Elliot Smith. His Life: A Loaded Gun

When he took both the power to kill and to die by stabbing himself in the heart on October 21 2003, I began to think almost daily about Elliot Smith. Around the same time, I watched the documentary "Loaded Gun: Life, Death and Dickinson" and began imagining Elliot Smith in love with Emily Dickinson. Read More »

Mau Mau Sex Sex Interview

You could say the Mau Mau Sex Sex story begins in a San Francisco dumpster where co-producer/writer Eddie Muller found a vast collection from the 'grindhouse' era; that is, posters and lobby cards advertising "Adults Only" movies of the 1930s. Read More »

Punk Politician Jack Grisham for Governor

An actor can do it. A porn star can do it. Why not a punk for governor of this godfersakin state, this place that’s so way out west, we all have tumbleweed in our teeth? In my homeland “California” (uber alles, yeah right), our next governor could be Jack Grisham. The name Jack Grisham has a Capra-esque quality to it ... Read More »

Masked and Anonymous

Last night at a San Francisco screening, director Larry Charles warned the audience "You will not catch all the references, and that's OK. It's a show. Let it wash over you, and see how wet you get." Read More »

THE VACCINE GUIDE: Bioterrorism Preparedness Goes Asunder

Think bioterrorism is scary? Who would have thought that the counter measure — large scale smallpox vaccine programs — would turn out to be sinister too? This is a story of falling on your own sword. Or when bioterrrorism preparedness goes asunder. The public health scare of smallpox vaccines is way up there in the top 10 Bush snafus of ... Read More »