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Movie Review: Music and Lyrics

The cinematic equivalent of a cupcake with pink frosting and multi-colored sprinkles. How could it possibly be bad for you? Read More »

Movie Review: The Last Kiss

Why is Zach Braff so appealing? I'm thinking: ooh-la-la-lips. Read More »

Movie Review: Dealing Dogs

No matter how ignorant or inbred the person, there is no excuse for animal cruelty in this world. None at all. Read More »

Film Review: Match Point

Match Point fizzles on the court, er, screen. That's the best I could muster for this pile of deuce. Read More »

DVD Review: My Date with Drew

An average Joe takes on stalker status to meet Drew Barrymore. You can’t help but like him for being so dang persistent. Read More »

The Return of Steven Spielberg

If ours was a real relationship, I would've divorced him over the messy debacle that was A.I. Read More »

The Best Albums of 2005: The Un-Cool & Un-Hip Version

Here's what topped my Best of 2005 list. Read More »

Why Going to the Movies Sucks So Bad

I’m just tired of dealing with all the other people who insist on going. Those who drive me bonkers. Totally ruining the movies for me. Read More »

Concert Review: Fiona Apple in Seattle

Fiona Apple in concert is a true gift for true fans. A must-see, for sure. Read More »

Film Review: Shopgirl

It makes my heart sing when I see an actor well known for playing slapsticky, over-the-top goofy characters take on kinder, gentler, thought-provoking roles, and play them well. Read More »