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CD Review: Chicago, XXX

If Chicago's last album was its twenty-first, then how can the new one be its thirtieth? Read More »

CD Review: Jules Shear – Dreams Don’t Count

Shear's voice may be an acquired taste, but the songwriting is all good. Read More »

Review: Jack’s Mannequin, Everything in Transit

As the voice of Something Corporate, Andrew McMahon's keening whine can be difficult to take in large doses... Read More »

Review: Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband, Dream Big

The result is a pleasant cross between, say, The Clumsy Lovers and Nickel Creek, minus the attractive quirkiness of either... Read More »

B.B. King, 80: Review

I doubt I'll be able to stay awake for dinner or remember to button my pants when I'm that age... Read More »

Review: Bonnie Raitt, Souls Alike

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that all involved parties know what they’re going to get out of a Bonnie Raitt album. There will be some good songs, most of them written by people other than Raitt, and most of them will be low-key and tasteful, but there will be room for a tasty slide solo or ... Read More »

Review: Sons of Champlin, Hip Li’l Dreams

He's best-known today as a member of Chicago -- a day gig he's held down for over 20 years now... Read More »

Review: Spin Doctors, Nice Talking to Me

I can think of few bands in recent memory who were hit harder by success than this group... Read More »

CD Review: David Gray, Life in Slow Motion

There was a time when I thought David Gray’s music was insufferably boring. Either I was wrong, or... Read More »

CD Review: Kate Earl, Fate is the Hunter

Her jazz-tinged brand of folksy pop will certainly go down smooth with the Lilith Fair crowd, but in most respects, she’s a pretty singular artist... Read More »