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Comparing the Costs of Carribean and Mediterranean Cruises

Royal Caribbean Ships At Dock: Photo by Tom via flickrr/cc.

If you are willing to cut corners or take a shorter trip, either of these options can be affordable. Read More »

Strolling Along Three of the World’s Longest Beaches


Ninety miles of beach can be pretty lonely for one person – unless you're a person who is looking for exactly that. Read More »

In Defense of the Pitbull: Separating Myth From Reality


There's no shortage of misinformation about pitbulls. Read More »

Three Vacation Destinations You Never Thought Of

Photo credit here.

Think outside the Florida box and consider some of the world's most fun and interesting far-flung places. Read More »

Little Substance in Obama’s State of the Union Speech

Photo credit found on Washington Post article.

Obama beat the proverbial dead horse on issues like gun control and immigration reform in an attempt to pander to his party and maintain relevance. Read More »