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women’s bras

In the beginning… there was the corset. The corset morphed into the breast supporter, which was actually two pockets that held a woman’s breasts in place. Finally, the end result, women’s bras, were crafted, but not by the famed fictional characters Otto Titzling or Philippe de Brassiere, but rather by Mary Phelps Jacob, a New Yorker. As funny as the ... Read More »

playtex bra

A Playtex bra can be depended upon for more than just the generic experience of being thought of as an unmentionable and holding a woman in place properly. As the times change, so do a woman’s preferences and expectations. A Playtex bra is not very far behind the curve in figuring out how to form and conform to women’s fashion ... Read More »

Bali bra

A Bali bra provides not only a fashion-sensible woman with something to show off, but more importantly a breadth and depth full of comfort and support. Meeting the needs of whatever size a woman is, all the while doing it with class and poise with no apologies, these women’s bras surrender to no compromise in the intimate and tender areas ... Read More »

black titanium rings

Black titanium rings are a reminder of the simple beauty of a black pearl and the uniqueness of a black swan. Bold, but not overbearing, the elegant black titanium rings are as enchanting as a dark forest, but as soothing as a daydream. Black symbolizes a sort of groundedness, and sports a sheen that abhors the flightiness of the brighter ... Read More »

titanium cable ring

The sleek and stylish design of a titanium cable ring reminds one of the strength that can be found in numbers. A cable is made up of various strands of wire that each on its own can be severed, but taken together becomes almost invincible. A titanium cable ring gives the wearer an air of rugged reliability. The profound strength ... Read More »

mens titanium rings

A wedding band represents an unbroken and eternal commitment to a spouse as well as repetitive assurances that love is undying. A circle’s circumference can be traversed over and over again as can the memories of a couples cherished, shared experiences. Mens titanium rings represent the strength of the bond between two people that takes the couple through both harsh ... Read More »

titanium rings

Not many things in this country upset the capitalistic free-market system principles of supply and demand, although titanium rings might come close. The reason for this is that titanium in its natural state is quite plentiful, while at the same time being in great demand due to its coveted properties of great strength vs. its actual weight, and the ductility ... Read More »

titanium ring

The male ego may play a part in the selection of a titanium ring for a wedding band, the reason being titanium as a metal is known for its brute strength, being used in the construction of military vehicles’ armor, spacecraft, and missiles. But who wouldn’t want titanium to symbolize the strength of their marriage? Titanium boasts the highest strength-to-weight ... Read More »


Clogging is a form of dancing similar to tap. The major difference in clogging is that a double metal tap is used on the shoe to emphasize the sound. It is influenced by many of the European dance forms, as well as Canadian step dancing and breakdancing. Country and traditional bluegrass music are most regularly associated with clogging, but cloggers ... Read More »

mens rings

While mens rings have grown in popularity over the years, they have actually been around for several centuries and were used to signify wealth, power, and status. Today, the most common mens rings are wedding bands, but rings are also widely used to symbolize commitment. You’ll find bloggers talking about mens rings at sites like Men’s Health and Men’s Rings ... Read More »