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lead distribution

Once you or your company has a set of leads, you must make sure you assign them to the appropriate steward. Quite simply, lead distribution is part and parcel to making sales. It is the process of getting the right leads or the right amount of leads into the right hands, so-to-speak. For example, if you have a call center ... Read More »

lead management software

Any company coming out of the blocks needs to have good lead management software in place in order to track their potential clients’ disposition. For example, when was the lead last contacted? When should they be contacted again? Does the lead seem interested in your product? Which marketing campaign are you pitching them? Which marketing campaign are they responding to? ... Read More »

lead management

Lead Management is a lot like a Secret Treasure Map: If you create it, maintain it, and follow it correctly, you have a much better chance of finding the gold (i.e. meeting your sales goals). The great thing about lead management is it tracks and creates the “map” for you. As you keep track of your leads, their dispositions, their ... Read More »

sports bras

Most men think bras are pretty much like their computer drives: A, B, C, and D. But just ask any woman and you’ll find out that bras are much more complicated than that. Yes you have your A, B, C, and D sizes, but you also have AA, BB, CC, and DD and AAA, BBB, CCC, DDD. Then, once you ... Read More »

underwire bra

An underwire bra is a tool to uphold and behold. The wire built in to the underside of the cup molds the soft breast tissue to a more comfortable setting, and achieves a more attractive look and feel. A woman is wise who takes good care of this type of undergarment, inspecting it regularly to make certain that the wiring ... Read More »

women’s camisoles

A camisole is a type of woman’s undergarment top that has no sleeves. The camisole fits loosely and usually is made from cotton or even silk or satin. Others are made from spandex material. Some women’s camisoles today come with an underwire bra or some other type of support. A camisole can even be used as an outergarment for those ... Read More »

mens wedding rings

Ever wonder what it would be like having a wedding with no rings for the bride and groom? What would they use instead — hula hoops? No, probably not, because that doesn’t symbolize permanence as well as something worn on the finger. Rings, and more specifically mens wedding rings and women’s wedding rings, are carefully brooded over and selected so ... Read More »

mens jewelry rings

Have you ever seen a rich dude with so much bling that you have to shield your eyes? Celebrities, and those with more disposable income that most of the rest of us, and the vain with money to drain are sometimes decked out with so many mens jewelry rings, including one for each of their ten fingers as well as ... Read More »


Bras have become an important part of the way a woman presents herself inclusive within societal norms. In some developing countries this is less a factor and priority than within the more developed countries. Women continued tending towards the wearing of bras as the shift towards a more feminine workplace progressed. Bras accentuate the mature female form, and give women ... Read More »


A bra is more than just a supportive undergarment, having evolved today into an important part of a woman’s wardrobe. Once only occupying the lowly state of simply keeping a woman modest and intact, bras are now worn all day and all night by some women. A bra can become constrictive if not sized properly or if it is worn ... Read More »