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Casinos Don’t Smell Right

In other words, when the mechanism providing the public benefit is a private loss, the process becomes ignoble. Read More »

Immigration Solution Lies in the Rule of Law

While the remedy will be as complex as the problem, the solution is found at the source of the predicament. Read More »

Imus Affair: The Reverends Jackson and Sharpton Missed a Lesson on Anatomy

While Imus needed to be punished, his downfall cannot be the moral of the story. Read More »

With Marriage, Behavior Cannot Dictate Standard

Her rationale goes like this: Taxpayers (including those two-parent taxpayers) pay for programs that are made necessary when other taxpayers and non-taxpayers (divorcées and unwed mothers) make decisions (to get divorced or have kids out of wedlock) that create a need for programs (because many single-parents struggle financially), all the while saying the conditions that require the programs are a good thing. You gotta love the liberal mind. Read More »