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Jeremy Carl’s “The Death of Enviroliberalism”

Just got around to reading Jeremy Carl’s guest posts over at Gristmill. Carl’s got a impressive resume’, and doesn’t hide the fact that he’s pretty conservative. I’ve got no problem with that — to paraphrase Carl, some of my best friends are conservatives (really!). It’s hard, however, to put too much stock in Carl’s criticism of “enviroliberalism,” as he labels ... Read More »

Where are the Political Blogs on Environmental Issues?

I recently made a mildly snarky update to a post on Sen. James Inhofe’s “war on eco-terrorism,” and I think it’s time to get this out in the open: I’m really disappointed in the big political blogs for their near-total exclusion of environmental and sustainability news from their posts. I check a variety of this blogs, such as Talking Points ... Read More »