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News Judgment Old and News Judgment New: American Nicholas Berg Beheaded. Now What?

The argument surfaced last week: the gatekeepers in Big Media are mistaken--clueless, biased, disconnected--for filtering out the full horror of the Berg beheading. They haven't showed the photos or the video of the act itself. But the full horror is available on the Web, and hit meters suggest that some people are ready to see it. But will they see it on television? Perhaps. Read More »

Questions and Answers About PressThink

Hi. If you're the kind of person who loves to complain about "meta" posts and make fun of blogging about blogging for being too self-referential... please. Don't read this post. Read More »

The Legend of Trent Lott and Weblog Lore

A new study from the Kennedy School pinpoints what happened between Big Media and the blogs in the demise of Trent Lott. It does not portray weblogs as lead actor, but as leading reactor to a story that almost disappeared. Read More »

The Weblog: An Extremely Democratic Form in Journalism

In this chapter for Extreme Democracy: The Book, a collection taking shape now, I revisit and add to my list, "ten things radical about the weblog form in journalism." Read More »

The Tripping Point

Joe Trippi at an Emerging Technology Teach-In spoke to his Internet troops. He came to teach them about a fateful moment in the campaign, where the Net movement disconnected from Dean's condition. But he also told them: you made us. You are changing American politics. And it's still about the money. Read More »

Why Are You Such a Loser, Dennis Kucinich?

That's what CNN's Wolf Blitzer asked the candidate after the votes from New Hampshire were in. How would you answer it? Read More »

Adopt a Campaign Journalist in 2004: The Drift of a Suggestion

Over the holidays, an idea gained some Net traction: webloggers "adopting" a campaign reporter. That means you monitor and collect all the reporter's work, and then... And then what? Follow the turns as the suggestion is taken up. Read More »

Journalism Is Itself a Religion

The newsroom is a nest of believers if we include believers in journalism itself. There is a religion of the press. There is also a priesthood. And there can be a crisis of faith. Read More »

Horse Race Now! Horse Race Tomorrow! Horse Race Forever!

The origins of the term "inside baseball" are in one writer's view of sports reporting during the 1980s. He's Bill James, now a famous scholar of baseball. The arguments he made then explain why the term migrated easily to politics. Read More »