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Review: Esthero’s Wikkid Lil Grrls Finally Come Out to Play

Toronto’s own Jenny Bea Englishman a.k.a. Esthero (as she is known to most) is quite critical of watered down talent on her latest album, Wikkid Lil Grrls, her second full length album which took roughly seven years to hit the shelves of music stores. We are in need of a musical revolution, the self professed pixie pirate declares on the ... Read More »

Bono Calls Upon A-List Celebs to Fight AIDS and Poverty

U2 lead singer Bono is at it again. Doing good deeds, that is. The singer from Dublin, Ireland has asked for support from A-list celebrities including Brad Pitt, Al Pacino, Jamie Foxx, Penelope Cruz and Tom Hanks to help fight poverty and AIDS. These stars will apparently be featured in new public service ads in order to increase awareness for ... Read More »

Has Maynard Seen The Light?

Has Maynard seen the light? Postings on Tool’s web site in early April seemingly indicate that Tool and A Perfect Circle lead singer Maynard James Keenan has found religion and has left Tool. Toronto’s Edge.ca reports that over the past few days MTV’s Kurt Loder e-mailed Keenan for confirmation and this is what Loder got back: “I did, in fact, ... Read More »

Another Mass Shooting: Must Be the Music

It seems one of my past articles on Blog Critics has been dug up now that another mass shooting has been reported. Specifically, an article about how for some reason some of us out there actually think it’s reasonable to cast blame upon musicians for the actions of others. Further, it’s usually a “goth” or “metal” type like a Manson ... Read More »

U2 Breaks More Records: Four Consecutive Shows Sold Out In Toronto

U2’s Toronto concert, announced earlier this week, sold out in just 3 hours! Shane Bourbonnais, Clear Channel Senior Vice President said, “I’m as excited as the fans, it’s been an amazing day. We’re really proud to be involved with an event that obviously the fans want and will be great for the city of Toronto.” The Biggest Band In the ... Read More »

“Wikked L’il Grrrl” Back With First Full-Length CD In 7 Years

Just months after releasing a mini-disc entitled We R In Need of A Musical Revolution , Esthero is headed back to her “heart and home” of Toronto to perform at the eye Weekly Magazine Canadian Music Week Showcase with opening act controller.controller. She’ll play a second show at the Canadian Independent Music Awards (7:30pm). Wed, Mar 2. Even though her ... Read More »