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Concert Review: Taking a Gamble With Ryan Adams and the Cardinals at the Germantown Performing Arts Center

So which Ryan Adams showed up for this concert -- the talented and captivating performer or the petulant angry drunk? Read More »

Music Review: Ryan Adams – Easy Tiger

To Be Older, Is to Be Sober, Is to Be Focused. Read More »

Book Review: Ralph Ellison: A Biography by Arnold Rampersad

A compelling, copiously researched work that captures the complexity of the mercurial Ellison. Read More »

Music Review: Cary Brothers – Who You Are

A combination of brilliance and banality, Cary Brothers' Who You Are is far from flawless, but it's a solid debut. Read More »

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Jason Awards

The Jason Awards not only honor (or jeer) players but also coaches, teams, commentators, and analysts. Read More »

A Wonderful Christmas Time?

For every Christmas song that is the musical equivalent of fallen snow, there are two that are steaming reindeer turds. Read More »

Music Review: Matthew Ryan – From a Late Night High-Rise

Ryan has crafted from his catharsis an album that is concurrently thought-provoking, heart-breaking, and uplifting. Read More »

God, Youth, and Blogging

A rebuttal to Kevin Denee's "Blogs-and God's Youth," a denouncement of blogging that smells of legalism. Read More »

Music Review: Pete Yorn – Nightcrawler

Whether Nightcrawler is Yorn's best work is debatable, but it's undeniably good. Read More »

Music Review: Barenaked Ladies – Barenaked Ladies Are Me

The newest album from Barenaked Ladies stands among the best work of the band's career. Read More »