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Texas Consortium proposes Super Highway

The Trans-Texas Corridor project, as envisioned by Republican Gov. Rick Perry in 2002, would be a 4,000-mile transportation network costing an awesome $175 billion over 50 years, financed mostly if not entirely with private money. The builders would then charge motorists tolls. Read More »

Arctic Melting Fast; May Swamp U.S. Coasts by 2099

Low-lying coastal areas in Florida and Louisiana could be flooded by the sea. A 1.5 feet (50-centimeter) rise in sea level could cause the coastline to move 150 feet (45 meters) inland, resulting in substantial economic, social, and environmental impact in low-lying areas. Read More »

Hospitals struggle with provincial mandate to balance books

Ontario's health ministry has asked all of the province's hospitals to balance their books by next year. If they project a deficit, they are being asked to submit an accountability plan detailing the cuts they would need to break even. But inflation, rising drug prices and higher health care labour costs means tough choices are going to have to be made, senior hospital officials throughout Toronto say. Read More »

Many factors blamed for childhood obesity

Obesity is now reaching epidemic proportions with huge long term implications for the country (US and Canada) - long term medical problems, soaring health costs, quality of life issues, ulitmate impacts on worker productivity and all considering potential impacts to national security Read More »

Denmark trying to claim North Pole

Apparently Russia, Canada and Denmark are trying to see if they can lay claim to the North Pole - Denmark by virture of having Greenland is in the thick of things - seems kind of silly at first glance but with new technologies, hunger for resources and global warming opening up access in the area, it makes a lot of sense if you are greedy... Read More »

U.S. law could open millions of Canadian Visa records

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Visa customers were sent an amendment to their cardholder agreement this month warning their financial information could be disclosed in accordance with U.S. laws Read More »

Teachers – ESL and Immigrants

At Great Lakes Public School, more than 60 per cent of the students speak a first language other than English. In Mullin's class, one-third of students are officially designated as English-as-a-second-language learners, which means they came to Canada within the past four years with few English skills. These students are withdrawn for daily language lessons tailored to their needs, but they spend most of their day in regular classes. Read More »

Troubled waters on Great Lakes

When it comes to water, the 40 million Canadians and Americans who live within the boundaries of the Great Lakes Basin are truly blessed. Although they represent only two-thirds of 1 per cent of the world's population, they have access to 20 per cent of all fresh water on the planet Read More »

Parking hassle has happy ending

Thompson, a Barrie lawyer, gave Canadian Bonded Credits Ltd., a collection agency, and Imperial Parking (Impark) the option of donating $1,000 each to the SuperWalk for Parkinson's on Sunday. And they agreed. Read More »