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Author Archives: Janica Unruh

Book Review: Two Legged Snakes: Understanding and Handling Manipulative People by Dr. Ed Slack

An easy-to-read, comically illustrated self-help book on how to spot and deal with liars, predators, and manipulators. Read More »

Book Review: The Book of Lists: Horror edited by Amy Wallace, Del Howison, and Scott Bradley

A fun, informative book of lists written by masters of the horror genre. Read More »

Book Review: Ubuntu Kung Fu: Tips, Tricks, Hints and Hacks by Keir Thomas

An intermediate guide to both practical and personal aspects of the Ubuntu operating system. Read More »

Book Review: The Way Through Doors Jesse Ball

A novel with layers of internal stories that bring you into worlds only Jesse Ball could fathom. Read More »

Music Review: Re: Generations

A mix of jazz and hip-hop in the form of a fantastic generational tribute to Nat King Cole. Read More »

DVD Review: Cthulhu (2008)

The 2008 version of H.P. Lovecraft's ancient monster. Read More »

Music Review: Barry Manilow’s Greatest Songs of the Eighties

Another amazing CD in Barry Manilow's songs of the decade series. Read More »

Product Review: ToughDrive Camo USB2.0 Flash Drive

A flash drive that may not have reliable storage but can be lit on fire. Read More »

Book Review: I, robot by Howard S. Smith

A techno-thriller unlike Asimov's that delves into the military use of artificial intelligence. Read More »

Music Review: Ken Block – Drift

A fantastic album created by Sister Hazel's lead singer Ken Block. Read More »