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The Year Ahead

Your Ultimate Astrology Planner: I have bought many astrology planners through out the years. One thing I don’t like is that they may be on point a few times through out the year. But not with this one. I have shown this book to my friends and they to were speechless to realize that Susan Miller was so accurate. I ... Read More »

Ann Rabson In a Family Way

Ann Rabson In a Family Way What a voice! this is no ordinary grandmother, I would love to have her as mine. The piano is fantastic in this CD. Ann’s voice is deep and rich, and you can feel emotion in her as you hear the music. Ann Rabson is truly a blues entertainer, in a class all her own. ... Read More »

Jarboe, Anhedoniac

With reissues, and collections this is a version you must have in your collection. The CD comes with a oversized booklet, lyrics throughout and pictures on back and front covers. The vocals in this CD are distinct. You know she is sharing her past with the listener she becomes quite emotional in her songs. Musically it is really varied as ... Read More »

The Celia Collection

Two books in one volume, it’s the complete story of Celia and the cousins Hardwicke. In the first book, The Captivity of Celia, this beautiful woman wants to be with her lover, Colin. When Colin is considered to be the main suspect in a murder, Celia and Colin have no where to go other than with Colin’s cousin, Sir Jason ... Read More »

Zipless By Vanessa Daou

Poems by Erica Jong, Sung By Vanessa Daou A steamy, sensual mix of words and tones, backdropped by acid jazz. This CD of poems is written by Erica Jong one of the most straight forward writers of the 1960’s and 1970’s and still going strong. Jong provides the words to these provocative lyrics well the background music is very moving ... Read More »

Angela’s Ashes, Special Edition

This is a review of the movie, I have heard that words like “Dark, Somber, Cold” let you know what to expect. Words describing the mood of the movie, and the lives it is taken from. I have found this movie to be a inspiration, it shows just how tough the human spirit is. That through all the adversity we ... Read More »

Write it down, MAKE IT HAPPEN

Wonderfully written, easy to understand, a mixing pot of ideas. I have been trying to get this book since 2000 and everytime I ordered it the message would come back as OUT OF STOCK….when I ordered it this time from amazon.com I was delighted to know it was in stock and I would get it in a few days. I ... Read More »