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Sarah Hudson: A Review

Sarah Hudson has a lot to be thankful for and apparently, a lot to live up to. Although only a mere twenty-three years old, this in-your-face ingénue is different. She already has your attention and she doesn’t have to fight to get noticed. Instead she has the opposite problem, all eyes are on her. In fact, with her father, formerly ... Read More »

The Song Remains The Same

I was reading an article the other day about the supposed rebirth of alternative music. Suddenly, eager to rid the world of the dime a dozen alt rock bands like Nickelback and Puddle of Mudd, the industry is all a buzz with a new era of sound. Leading the pack are bands such as Modest Mouse, Franz Ferdinand, The Killers ... Read More »

The Rules of the Remake

I was driving in my car the other day when the song “Mexican Radio” came on by Wall of Voodoo. Only problem was it wasn’t Wall of Voodoo at all, but it was indeed “Mexican Radio”. Thoughts ran through my head in this order: 1. “I didn’t know someone remade “Mexican Radio”. 2. “I didn’t think someone NEEDED to remake ... Read More »

New To Blogcritics

Hello Blog Critic readers! My name is Janet. I am a teacher/writer from NJ who loves to pick apart pop culture tidbits. I have been a part time writer for a few years now, contributing to both online and print publications. Always scouring the net for the latest in GOOD music, I hope to comment on some of what I ... Read More »