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I’m gone

I’ve had bugger all that I’ve wanted to say here for months anyway, and, frankly, as long as certain individuals are associated with this site (I’ll leave them to guess who they are), I don’t really want to be associated with it myself. Bye, everyone. It’s been nice knowing some of you. Read More »

Regarding Saddam

I was going to say what I’m about to say as a comment to someone else’s post, but since I’ve seen a few commenters on other posts around this place get their knuckles rapped for being insufficiently overjoyed about the capture of Saddam Hussein (or, in this case, for being insufficiently serious about it), I decided to post my opinion ... Read More »

RIP Elliott Smith?

Apparently so. Elliott Smith has died at age 34, according to an obituary posted late Tuesday on Sweet Adeline, Smith’s official website. Rumors had been circulating on the Internet all day about Smith’s apparent suicide; by early evening, the overwhelming traffic from well-wishers and fans was crashing Sweet Adeline’s discussion board. A handful of posts indicated that representatives from Smith’s ... Read More »

More religious epic controversy

It doesn’t just happen with films about Jesus. One of Bollywood’s leading Muslim stars has shelved plans to play a Hindu god after receiving a series of threats, reportedly from a religious group.Controversial superstar Salman Khan – currently facing trial over a hit-and-run death – had been due to play the Hindu god Ram in the film Ramayan.But since the ... Read More »

Silence of the Lambs: the musical version

No, I’m not kidding. I’ve not heard the whole thing yet (about half the songs are only up in sample form anyway), but I have played the second track, “If I Could Smell Her Cunt”, and, well… I frankly don’t know what to say. Listen for yourself. Read More »


It’s not every day that you encounter a new zombie film in Australia, and it’s even less often that you encounter one actually made in Australia. Nonetheless, the other night I did just that when I saw Undead, the first feature from Michael and Peter Spierig. Undead is set in the small Queensland town of Berkeley. There’s been a shower ... Read More »

Jobs for the boys

Sen. Orrin Hatch is pushing a constitutional amendment that could allow his pal, fund-raising helper and potential California gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger, to also run for U.S. president someday.Hatch, R-Utah, introduced without fanfare last week an amendment to allow foreign-born people who have been naturalized U.S. citizens for at least 20 years to run for president. Currently, only native-born citizens ... Read More »

The BBC discovers blogging

Some interesting comments in this article, most of them from the readers at the end. It’s particularly hard to disagree with this statement: The great thing about blogs is that anyone can set one up. The only problem is that anyone can set one up. Someone else made the interesting point that the hype around blogging is kind of like ... Read More »

Channel 4: pure as the driven snow

Channel 4 is planning an hour-long documentary on cocaine taking among BBC presenters.Frank Bough, Angus Deayton and Johnnie Walker are among the high-profile presenters whose downfalls will be charted in Snorting Coke with the BBC, reports Media Guardian.In it, Channel 4 will claim drug abuse is endemic at the BBC, and take a critical look at the way the broadcaster ... Read More »