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Was it real, or was it

I’m not one to write about TV shows, but I had to say something after last night’s Sopranos episode. I still don’t know what happened, do you? It was as if we were all dreaming for over 20 minutes, not just Tony. I got the distinct impression that they ran out of material after 9:20. Don’t forget that the episode ... Read More »

Prude Nation

Since the infamous "nipplegate," our entire lifestyles have changed. Four letter words used to be bad; now five letter words are bad too! Cackles have been raised to an all time high. Read More »

When logic fails

As evidenced by my history of writings, while I agree with the Bush administration on many things, there are plenty of ideals that I do not share. A woman’s right to abortion is one of those areas. Don’t get me wrong, abortion is murder, and it isn’t an exercise without sin. An abortion means an end to a life that ... Read More »

History Repeats

George Santayana had it all wrong, simply learning history won't necessarily protect you from repeating it, and here we are, in the midst of one of the biggest religious wars in the history of man. Read More »

Now he tells us

Some are making the charge that they did see the future and the rest of us just didn't happen to be listening. Richard Clarke is the latest to make such allegations. Read More »