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Movie Review: MacGruber

There’s little that’s not obvious or that puts an original spin on preexisting material, though it’s admirably efficient, and usually avoids gags that fail to detonate like one of MacGruber’s tennis ball grenades. Read More »

Movie Review: Iron Man 2

What’s great here is its fantastic leading and supporting performances, the smart, lightly political issues, witty humor, and the kinetic, explosive action... Read More »

Movie Review: Letters from Iwo Jima

Letters From Iwo Jima tries very hard to be a relevant war film, with mixed results. Read More »

Movie Review: The Queen

What worth does the monarchy have if it, like politicians in a democracy, has to dance to the tune of every idiot with a TV? Read More »

Movie Review:The Black Dahlia

A whole lot of gory nonsense. Read More »

Movie Review: Clerks II

Clerks II represents not just a return to what Kevin Smith knows best, but a defense of that return. Read More »

Movie Review: Superman Returns

Does the world need Superman? Read More »

Movie Review: Rope

Hitchcock directs with awe-inspiring confidence and skill, allowing the tension to stretch and push the audience to the edge. Read More »

Movie Review: Mission Impossible III

For a minute, I’m hopeful that the film will be a gritty, intense, wildly entertaining blockbuster with a post-modern action hero. Read More »

Movie Review: The Sentinel

What should be a thrilling finish comes across as fun but emotionally vacant. Read More »