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CD Review: Cat Power – The Greatest

Though it doesn't live up to its title, The Greatest does randomly arrive at greatness. Read More »

Collin Herring – The Other Side of Kindness

Herring is refreshing because he is not the next big thing - he's just doing his thing. Read More »

Last Minute Musical Discoveries of 2005

I'm grateful that I was alive during 2005. Breaths of fresh air were plentiful, especially in music. Read More »

CD Review: Fear Before the March of Flames – Art Damage

Great for hardcore kids. For anyone else, though, this is truly exhausting. Read More »

CD Review: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists – Sharkbite Sessions EP

Ted Leo has again proved that he ranks among the best when it comes to singer/songwriters in independent music. Read More »

Revisiting David Sedaris’ Santaland Diaries

I revisited David Sedaris' celebrated and hilarious holiday story and found alarming similarities between Santa and Satan. Read More »

Bush’s Most Frightening Policy To Date: Domestic Surveillance

Bush's justification for domestic surveillance outside of FISA may set a dangerous precedent. Read More »

CD Review: Bright Eyes – Lua

Songs like these are the reasons I love Bright Eyes. Read More »

CD Review: The Kingsbury Manx – The Fast Rise and Fall of the South

The Kingsbury Manx never strum a single misplaced chord or sing even one ill-advised note. Read More »

CD Review: Bright Eyes – Vinyl Box Set (Part II)

This is a Conor Oberst whose songwriting abilities have expanded considerably since he wrote those songs from 1995 to 1997. Read More »