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Google’s Search Engine Optimization Start Guide and Why It’s Bad for Innovation

Only by kicking Google out of its comfortable position atop the search market will the Internet realize its innovative potential. Read More »

How Obama Can Help the Environment, Stimulate the Economy and Rebuild our Infrastructure: Roundabouts

Replacing traffic lights with roundabouts could greatly benefit the US economy, the environment, and our roadways. Read More »

The Financial Markets Bailout Is Not Enough

The bailout will not be enough to get the economy back on its feet. More needs to be done for homeowners. Read More »

The Role of the American Consumer in the Financial Crisis

One of the primary culprits in the financial crisis has heretofore largely escaped criticism - the American Consumer. Read More »

Our Only Hope For Better Policy Is A More Informed Electorate

... we should be using this information to hold our leaders to account. Read More »

Financial Markets Turmoil Is Just The Beginning

Let's not put lipstick on this pig. Read More »

The Real U.S. Deficit

What it means for the economy, politicians, and our children. Read More »

The Mortgage Interest Income Tax Deduction is Bad for America

Don't let the politicians fool you. Read More »