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Iraqi Election Board Questions Election Returns

Unusually high turnout rates may further alienate the already suspicious Sunni minority. American reaction is crucial. The administration should not sweep allegations of corruption under the carpet; domestic political considerations should not supersede election legitimacy and Iraqi consensus. From the New York Times: BAGHDAD, Iraq, Oct. 17 – Iraqi election officials said today that they were investigating what they described ... Read More »

Our Short War On Poverty

E.J. Dionne Jr. writes in the Post: As soon as President Bush announced his first spending package for reconstructing New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, the Republican Study Committee and other conservatives switched the subject from poverty reduction to how Katrina reconstruction plans might increase the deficit that their own tax-cutting policies helped create. Unwilling to freeze any of the ... Read More »

Drs Insurance premiums increase because of market cycles, not malpractice claims

The New York Times is reaffirming the obvious: malpractice law suits are not the root-cause of higher insurance premiums for doctors. Instead, “the more important factors appear to be the declining investment earnings of insurance companies and the changing nature of competition in the industry.” In the late 1990s, insurers discovered that they had dropped prices below the cost of ... Read More »

Secret Bush tapes released

The New York Times fronts the release of secretly taped phone conversations between then Governor George Bush and Doug Wead a former Bush I aid. Although the online article stretches 5 pages, the tapes themselves are not too enlightening. Still, Bush’s faith seems genuine and his refusal to discuss his “youthful transgressions” is almost admirable. Two points of note– 1) ... Read More »

Election Day was a push towards troop withdrawal

Sunday’s elections were a great success. An estimated 60% of Iraq’s 14 million eligible voters cast their ballots and all went as expected. While Sunni turnout was low, the Shiites voted in great numbers. In the insurgent-Sunni stronghold of Ramadi for example, only 1,700 of the eligible 400,000 went to the ballot box, but in the Shiite town of Najaf, ... Read More »

Kennedy’s speech was not extreme

Speaking at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy cautioned Americans against falling into another Vietnam and called for a phased-withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. Republicans and conservative talk radio instantly labeled Kennedy an irresponsible liberal extremist out of touch with America; but the numbers tell a different story. Consider the following: “We must ... Read More »

In Iraq, torture is routine

According to Human Rights Watch, “Iraqi police, jailers and intelligence agents, many of them holding the same jobs they had under Hussein, are ‘committing systematic torture and other abuses.'” As a result, Iraqis are routinely beaten, hung and shocked with electrical wires. Meanwhile, the ACLU has released more documents of prison abuse in American-controlled prisons. Although it is unclear whether ... Read More »