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World of Warcraft Trading Card Game On The Horizon

The cards will debut in October, and will include codes that let players earn upgrades and goodies in WoW online. Read More »

Marvel, Virgin Sign On With Planetwide

Planetwide Games will provide specialised versions of their popular comic-book creating software for Marvel and Virgin Comics. Read More »

PSP Ads Are Beyond Idiotic

A new line of PSP ads are so racially charged a four-year-old would realize they're just plain wrong. Read More »

Superman Returns Gaming Gear Abounds

The official game isn't out until Oct. 31, but the shelves are already overflowing with Superman Returns gaming merchandise. Read More »

Video Gamers Not Immune From Politics

The Israeli Palestinian conflict became an issue at this year's Electronic Sports World Cup. Read More »

Anti-Video Game Law Remains Blocked

The law, drafted in part by Jack Thompson, seeks to ban just about every video game for sale to minors. Read More »

Aussies Won’t Get Stuck In the Middle

The game version of Reservoir Dogs has been deemed too violent to classify by the ratings office in Australia. Read More »

New Xbox Controller In The Works, Maybe

MS might just be working on a new Xbox 360 controller, designed to be more simplistic and intuitive. Read More »

Halo 3 To Launch Day Before PS3?

If Best Buy's listing is to be believed, the Master Chief is lined up to steal some of the PS3's launch day thunder. Read More »

Xbox 360 Price Drop Coming?

Rumors of a $100 price cut for the Xbox 360 are cropping up on the 'Net. Read More »