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A pox and both houses

Michael Moore’s stated goal is to defeat George Bush. MoveOn.org was formed to defend Clinton and now is dedicated to defeating Bush. DemocraticUnderground.com is dedicated to defeating George Bush. And why not, George Bush has delivered inequitable tax cuts for purely maliputative partisan reasons; he has pandered to the right wing of his party by supporting a perversion of the ... Read More »

Reagan’s Liberal Legacy

Joshua Green, in the Washington Monthly, details all the liberal things Reagan did as president, such as raising taxes on corporations while cutting taxes for the working poor, negotiating away nuclear arms, pushing for human rights in the Soviet Union and increasing the size of the federal government. Read More »

Presidential economics

As we head deeper into the presidential season, carp all you want about how many Supreme Court nominees the 2004 winner might to get to appoint, the truly important nomination will be for Fed chairman in 2006, when Greenspan is likely to retire. The man Bush is likely to appoint is Martin Feldstein, a supply-side free marketer in the mold ... Read More »

A Memorial Day story

As I understand it, no medals of honor have been awarded yet for heroism in Iraq. Here’s the story of one Marine who deserves one. (via Jeff Jarvis) Read More »

Blind man’s bluff

Lesson … if you’re blind golfing champion, don’t get caught waving to your neighbors across the street. Read More »

Lange Photos

Fans of Depression-era photographer Dorothea Lange will love this … a Thousand Oaks man discovered a bunch of her photos in his dad’s old filing cabinet. The Ventura County Star published the first story, with some of the photos, today. The photos are pretty stunning examples of her work. Read More »

American Icon

Thanks to Tivo and a busy schedule, I’m just now catching up with American Idol. I’ve just seen Fantasia Barrino perform “I Believe.” It’s not the greatest song ever written, but it was a great performance. My admiration for Fantasia has already been expressed on BC. The performance I just watched only confirms the validity of all my praise. Even ... Read More »

The crack cocaine of beltway journalism

When you don't hold sources accountable by printing their names, you are giving them a blank check to spin, to lie, to disinform, and to promote personal, political or institutional agendas. Where there is no accountability for information, there is no incentive to speak the truth Read More »

Deborah Coleman – What About Love?

There is just an incredible diversity of music available. If all you’re relying on to find new music is what your DJ tells you is hot, or what pops up on VH1, you’re missing a huge underground of music. How huge? Well, I consider myself a pretty savvy and informed music consumer. I buy a lot of stuff. I get ... Read More »