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Museum Review: 10 To The First Power – Celebrating Miami Art Museum’s 10th Year Acquisitions

The Power Of Ten celebrates gifts to MAM in its 10th year. The fine Tamayo show has just ended. Read More »

Florida University Student Attacked By Cops

Florida university declares war on academic freedom. How can the nation survive the loss of liberty to fear and timidity? Read More »

An Amtrak Trek North By North

Airlines are in trouble and have become troublesome. Can passenger rail service make a comeback? A journey... Read More »

Update On Hurricane Dean From His Path

Hurricane Dean aims for us. Update before the power fails. Read More »

Hurricane Dean Struts His Violent Way

Hurricane Dean is category 4 heading for 5, heading for the Caymans and headed for me. Read More »

Pentagon Notices Million Dollar Bill For Shipping 38 Cent Item

Company charged a million dollars to ship 38 cents worth of washers to Texas. The Pentagon finally noticed. Read More »

Dear Miss LonelyBlogs

What will Miss LonelyBlogs have to say to the lascivious blogger? Read More »

Does Your White Roof Have A Green Glow?

Painting the roof white might save more than the same space layered with solar cell. Read More »

When TV Is Deadly: A New Channel Comes to German Television

Death may out itself in your living room 24/7. People die. There is an industry around it. Read More »

Will Earth Need A Reboot After The Sky Falls?

Celestial objects have hit Earth and continue to threaten an evolutionary catastrophe. What are we doing for protection? Read More »