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A world traveled analyst, Henry has lived through political upheaval, revolutions, and war. He writes from a different perspective, with a passion for life, tempered by experience. More information can be found on Henry Buell's website.

Doctor or Physician Assistant?

Careers In Medicine

The demand for physician assistants is increasing rapidly, with many facilities looking to replace doctors with lower-cost care providers. It's also a good path toward becoming a doctor. Read More »

Projector Technology for the Classroom: LCDs, DLPs, and More

Projector Lights

Before investing in projectors for your school, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the acronyms and jargon you might come across. Read More »

Dogs, Training Collars, and Invisible Fences

We Love Our Dogs

Training collars and invisible fences have been a major source of controversy in dog training, but is it the tools or the trainers creating the problem? Read More »

A Primer for Americans on International Dating

Love Featured Image

Establishing relationships can be a difficult if you're living abroad, but the right approach can make a world of difference. Read More »

A Brief History of Japanese Tea

Japanese Green Tea

Japanese tea, like Japanese culture, is unlike anything else in the world. It draws on more than 5,000 years of history, but was only truly refined into the art it is today in the last 400 years. Read More »

Libraries Will Become Museums Soon

Goodbye Beloved Books

Libraries around the world will become museums before the end of the century, as a result of the internet, technology, and the astronomical cost of maintaining the institutions. Read More »

America Commits Suicide

The Absence of Hope

More people die each year from suicide in America than from car crashes or murders. In fact, you’re three times more likely to kill yourself than you are to be murdered, and that number is rising. Read More »

A Glimpse of What Makes a Battery

Batteries are Everywhere

Batteries are used in a wide range of modern devices, and the science and technology behind them is interesting and varied. Read More »

Understanding Adventure Motorcycling

Bryan Dolnik

Adventure motorcycling is a continuation of the legacy established by cowboys in the Wild West. It's as much a part of American culture and history as apple pie, baseball, and freedom. Read More »

The Science of Tracking and Understanding Time

Time and Space

Scientists around the world are constantly at work to better understand time, but how do we measure it, and why is it so hard to understand? Read More »