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Can WikiLeaks Destroy America?

Pat Buchanan asserts that WikiLeaks will be the undoing of American dominance, but is that true? Read More »

Repeal of DADT Must Happen

Through whatever means, DADT must end; the continued practice of government-sponsored discrimination is the ultimate American blight. Read More »

3D Experience: Avatar

Avatar, the 3D theater experience, should be replicated effortlessly in the home with the new 3D TV technology. Read More »

Patriots vs. Bears: Keys to the Game

I identify the crucial factors in the outcome of the coming Patriots-Bears matchup on Sunday. Read More »

WikiLeaks Vengeance Begins

In the ongoing WikiLeaks saga, supporters of the group lash out against groups that have opposed the organization. Read More »

Movie Review: A Christmas Carol (2009)

Review of the holiday classic, A Christmas Carol, brought to animated life by Zemekis, Carrey and Oldman. Read More »

What Future For WikiLeaks and Julian Assange?

What does the arrest of WikiLeaks head Julian Assange mean for the group and the future of the organization? Read More »

The Ongoing Struggle of LGBT Americans

Chronicling the trials of LGBT Americans in the past two years, and identifying ongoing troubles. Read More »

Is WikiLeaks Under Attack?

PayPal move fuels allegations that Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are under calculated attack by the United States. Read More »

John McCain Stands with Discrimination

John McCain continues his decline from respected moderate to controversial far-right advocate in his new stance on DADT. Read More »