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Carl Wayne (1943-2004)

Anglophile music fans of a certain age will be saddened to learn of the untimely death of the Move's ax-wielding frontman and lead singer from the 60's, Carl Wayne... Read More »

Australian Record Industry Has Best Year Ever

The industry has argued that file-sharing and CD burning is having a negative impact on sales. But, unfortunately, their own sales figures don't back up their arguments. Read More »

Super Bowl Commercials

The local TV news previewed some Super Bowl commercials this morning. Don’t let me ruin your weekend if you want all this to be a surprise Sunday afternoon/evening… My favorite was Homer Simpson for MasterCard. I never knew the Kwik-E Mart accepted plastic, much less Moe’s. The Pepsi commercial loses points because it features a Telecaster instead of a Stratocaster. ... Read More »